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SS 04: Seychelles

What  should you share on social media?  Destination: Seychelles, Travel Mistake, Travel Tip

What ways should you be careful in terms of sharing about your travels on social media? What should you be careful about for the content you post and your replies?

Learn about the country of Seychelles

It’s in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. 

One thousand miles from the coast of Kenya, more than 100 small islands, north of Madagascar. First language is French Creole, followed by English.

Some language issues. Lush vegetation, Coco de mer or sea coconuts, Tortises, scuba diving, nude beaches, mini mokes, bed and breakfasts, oxen instead of cars on many islands.

I would recommend visiting the island, La Digue

Today’s Mistake-Missing my flights.

In Seattle, I slept through my flight and woke up after it had left.

In Chicago, I was stuck in a cab too long and missed my first solo flight to San Diego.

In Tahiti, I missed my flight by 12 hours. With a paper ticket in hand, the travel agent had written down 1pm, but the flight really left at 1am. And I missed the boat to get there, so I had taken a flight just to get to the airport that day!

Don’t make these mistakes, but if you do, you will still be ok. Take the next flight you can. Talk to the gate agent at the airport and try to be patient and kind to others while you go. The journey is part of the adventure and how you handle it makes a difference.

Eating out

What should you eat when on the road? 

Bread is always a good food to eat, and usually fresh fruits, especially when you peel the skin first. Ask first. 

If you don’t understand the menu, you look at what other people are eating. Maybe someone in the kitchen speaks your language. In China, I had to point at what other people were eating and ask for that in sign language. 

The local water likely has bacteria, and locals have the immunity and you don’t. Don’t rinse your mouth or brush your teeth with it. Carry pills to treat the water. Carry a few ounces of water in a small bottle. You don’t want to be sick.

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