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SS 02: Mexico Baja

Why should I go by myself? Should I go with a friend instead? Won’t I have a better time since I can share that experience with another?

Independent travel is for all, especially if you DON’T have someone to go with. Don’t let that stop you from going.

Today’s Independent Destination-Ensenada and/or then the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico. Wine tasting.

On the way there, stop at The Door of Faith Orphanage and say Hi.

The way to get there is Highway 1, the toll way, and exit at La Mision.

  • Take the southbound 5 or 805 freeway to the San Ysidro border crossing south of San Diego.
  • After you cross the border, move to the right and head up the FIRST ramp on the right   Follow the signs to the Ensenada/Rosarito Toll Road – also called the Scenic Route.   After about 2 miles, the first right (ramp) will put you onto the toll road.
  • Keep following signs toward Ensenada and Rosarito. You will remain on the toll road for approximately 50 mins. You will pass through two toll booths. About 25 minutes beyond the second tool booth you will see a sign for La Mision and/or La Fonda Hotel and Restaurant. Take the off ramp and turn left onto the “free” road.
  • The orphanage is 1½ miles (2 km) up the dirt road on the left side.


San Diego 

 Baja, is a rustic wine destination that’s already being called the Napa of Mexico.

 Napa (pricier, more developed).

Hire a Tour Guide

border crossings 

Boca Roja

Club Tengo Hambre

Baja Wine and Dine Tours:

Drive Yourself

rent a car in Mexico;


Uber in the Valle: Time Your Border Crossing

The Valle de Guadalupe is close to San Diego, but crossing back into the U.S. often involves long lines and hefty wait times.


  • The U.S. Customs and Border Site offers real-time updates on waits for drivers, commercial vehicles, and pedestrian and land ports of entry. Use the site to monitor traffic and head to the border when wait times are minimal.
  • Take the Ready Lane:  select identification — including passport cards, Global Entry cards, and Sentri passes — may use the Ready Lanes, which are slightly faster than the general lanes. The system works by detecting RFID chips in the cards; standard U.S. passports do not comply.
  • How to apply for Sentri-

How do you eat well on the road, even in a country like Taiwan, where there’s a lot of street food?

Today’s Travel Advice is how to meet other people.

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