10 minutes | Jun 7th 2019

SS 00: What's happening with Go Solo LIVE?

Welcome back to Go Solo ?LIVE! This is a bridge to a special season for Go Solo Live. We are meeting up with our new host, Dr. Mary Travelbest and Jennifer explains why she is taking a break from the podcast.

Key Takeaways:

What's going on with Go Solo LIVE? 

How many downloads does this podcast have?

When was Dr. Travelbest a guest on the show?

What is the travel background of Dr. Travelbest?

This podcast is for women who travel or who want to go places independently.

The structure of Dr. Travelbest podcast: FAQ, Destination, Mistake, Travel Tip

The Bucket List is important to think about and act upon. How is your bucket list looking?

Who inspired Dr. Travelbest?

How you can ask a question about travel.

Is there a new book coming out?


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