36 minutes | Jun 22nd 2018

EP 082: A One-Way Ticket to Owning Your Happy

Many women adhere very well to the roles that society has set out for them - mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. Buried behind all these is a woman with her own dreams, her own passion, her own definition of who she is. A lot do not escape this cycle, but today’s guest shares her inspiring story of leaving everything behind to find who she really is.

Ronda Taylor was married for 23 years, is a mother, grandmother, and was the primary caregiver to her mother who has Alzheimer’s. She had dreams of travel but has always let obstacles get in the way. At 53, she decided she was not going to live one more year unhappy and not fulfilling her own dreams. 39 days later, she was on a one-way plane to Costa Rica.

She is now living in “The City of Eternal Spring” Medellín, Colombia, the city that captured her heart. She has recently checked off the #1 item in her bucket list, is leading a community of women travellers, writing a book, building her online business, creating a legacy, and living her dream every day.


Key Takeaways:

  • Ronda talks about the beautiful city of Medellín, Colombia which she now calls home
  • The importance of having a second language
  • She shared the impact of her client’s book about taking a year off to travel and volunteer had on her
  • The fateful night when a friend asked her over dinner “What if you just bought a one way ticket and just figured things out as you got there?”
  • Being equal parts excited and equal parts terrified, she sold everything she owned, left her marriage, and got on the plane to live her dreams
  • Ronda shares her experience in Nicaragua, Granada, South & Central America and how her intuition played a huge role in her new nomadic lifestyle
  • How technology helps her stay connected with family and friends
  • People will not always agree with your decision to travel and want to put a label on it, but you just have to choose your own happiness


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