32 minutes | Jun 8, 2018

EP 080: Letting Go of your Worries about Solo Travel

I always admire women in middle age who go out there and start seeing more of the world. It takes courage to remove the roadblocks and just do it. Today’s guest shares us her incredible journeys as a solo traveler, her views and philosophies on traveling and how she is living her life one trip at a time. Leigh Mcadams started traveling right out of university. Her first trip marks the beginning of a lifetime of travel. As her curiosity to see the world got bigger, her thirst to travel got bigger and bigger and she’s never satisfied. She has traveled to 54 countries and has experienced diverse cultures. When she is out there seeing places, she knows that she has found complete freedom in the world. She found her passion in blogging about her escapades, her niche being outdoors, nature and adventure. She has been writing for nine years now with over 1400 posts. She teaches women to learn how to set aside their fears and worries and try seeing the good the world with their own eyes. And as for her, she’ll never tire experiencing what the world has to offer. Key Takeaways: Leigh and I talk about the importance of travel insurance and what questions you need to ask yourself to prepare for medical costs We also talk about why Americans have a different mindset about vacation time than other nationalities She shares how solo traveling has changed her perspective of the world and the experiences she had when traveling. She compares how solo traveling has changed due to technology and the pros and cons of traveling in the modern age. She recalls how she started her blog nine years ago and how she improved her skills to show how dedicated she is to her work. She gives us anecdotes of the amazing adventures she had and the incredible people she met along the way, Leigh also gives tips to middle aged women who have fear in traveling on how to channel their inner wanderlust. Mentioned in This Episode: Transformviatravel.com Transform via Travel on Facebook @GoSoloLive on Twitter Email: Jennifer@TransformviaTravel.com Women Exploring New Zealand 2019 Get Ready, Get Set, Go Solo Online Program More About Leigh: Visit Leigh’s blog at hikebiketravel.com and follow her on social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Leave a Review: Did you like this episode? Please leave an honest review on iTunes with your feedback! Also, please subscribe to the Go Solo Live podcast on iTunes, to get notified when a new episode gets released. I appreciate your listening to this week’s show. And tune in next week for another great guest.
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