33 minutes | Jun 1, 2018

EP 079: Trusting your Intuition for Possibilities in Travel

When people travel, sometimes they let their worries get to them too much that they forget to enjoy their trips. They neglect to free their minds, trust their guts and just revel in the beauty of wandering. Today’s guest shares her experience in choosing her intuition and opening herself to the amazing chances traveling has presented to her. Esther Jacobs have always trusted what her inner voice says. She let intuition guide her in all of her trips, and it has led her to travel to over a hundred countries. In today’s episode, she shares how her instinct has opened her to new adventures.Traveling to the Caribbean, she found herself buying a ticket to Haiti. Having no prior plans, she followed her gut to wander the island, with no idea where to go and where to stay. Ensuing her decision was a series of astonishing situations and thrilling circumstances that would not have been possible if she didn’t open herself to taking risks. Esther has been living an unprecedented life, always having her intuition next to her. However, she always makes sure to travel with an open mind as she believes that if you don’t open yourself to possibilities, the opportunities will not present themselves. Key Takeaways: Esther shares why she loves solo traveling and what possibilities it has opened for her. She also shares why she trusts her guts when she travels and how it has always led her to interesting adventures. She recalls her incredible trip to Haiti, where she found herself in unlikely situations and spontaneous experiences. Esther takes note of traveling with an open mind, and how taking time to reflect after a trip is a valuable thing to spare time on. She compares how she used to travel when she was younger and how easy traveling is nowadays. She recommends for people reluctant to try solo traveling to try new things within their environment so that they can get out of their comfort zone one step at a time. She also advises to surround people with the same erratic energy so that worries about solo travel will fade. Mentioned in This Episode: Transformviatravel.com Transform via Travel on Facebook @GoSoloLive on Twitter Email: Jennifer@TransformviaTravel.com Patreon.com/gosololive Women Exploring New Zealand 2019 Get Ready, Get Set, Go Solo Online Program More About Esther: www.estherjacobs.info Follow Esther’s daily adventures on Facebook: facebook.com/noexcuseslady For beautiful images from all around the world: instagram.com/estherjacobsnl Inspiration in only 140 characters: twitter.com/estherjacobs Get inspiration in your mailbox. Subscribe at: bit.ly/esther-inspiration Subscribe to Esther's YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/noexcuseslady Leave a Review: Did you like this episode? Please leave an honest review on iTunes with your feedback! Also, please subscribe to the Go Solo Live podcast on iTunes, to get notified when a new episode gets released. I appreciate your listening to this week’s show. And tune in next week for another great guest.
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