39 minutes | Jan 19, 2018

EP 060 Let’s Do the Saigon Shuffle

Jennifer Huber won a free trip to Vietnam and got to experience a new culture like never before. She went across the world solo and even got hit by a motorbike (nothing bad happened), but it’s crazy moments like that where you just have to laugh. On this week’s episode, Jennifer discusses her Vietnam experience, how she won a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, and some of her favorite go-to places that help her save money while traveling solo!


Key Takeaways:

*Why did Jennifer decide to solo travel?

*Whenever Jennifer took a business trip, especially international, she’d always take a couple of days off just to explore the city.

*When you’re traveling solo, you’re definitely forced to get out of your own bubble compared to if you were with a friend or partner.

*What kinds of things does Jennifer do when she’s in a foreign country?

*Jennifer won a free airline ticket and got to travel to Vietnam.

*The motorbikes in Vietnam do not stop for anyone — anyone!

*A motorist (going in the wrong direction) actually ran over Jennifer’s foot and he didn’t even stop. Moments like these you just have to laugh.

*Jennifer shares her experience of what food is like in Vietnam.

*The guides in Vietnam mostly learned how to speak English by watching YouTube videos.

*Does Jennifer have any budget tips for travelers?

*What’s next for Jennifer?


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