36 minutes | May 31st 2019

EP 052 If You Ever Get Lost, Just Enjoy It

Mary Beth McCabe’s first solo trip was when she was 15 years old. Since then, Mary Beth has been to every continent (except Antarctica) by herself. She has even written a book, The World’s First Guide to Independent Travel, to help fellow travelers get a better sense of how to travel the world solo. Mary Beth highly encourages travelers out there to even revisit locations you haven’t been to in a while to see how your perspective has changed over the years. She also says that if you ever get lost, don’t panic! It’s all part of the journey and to just enjoy this new adventure you’ve stumbled upon.


Key Takeaways:

*What did people think when they found out Mary Beth wanted to travel solo?

*Mary Beth’s first solo trip was when she was 15.

*What are Mary Beth’s top three travel destinations?

*Make sure you pay attention to when tickets go on sale. Mary Beth booked a $29 flight each way to Oakland.

*Mary Beth has had a very positive Airbnb experience so far.

*Mary Beth went back to China for the first time in 38 years. What was that experience like?

*It’s amazing how social media has opened up so many new doors where you can now experience a new country through the help of a friend of a friend.

*If you get lost, don’t stress about it! Enjoy the new adventure.

*How can someone take baby steps to traveling solo?


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