35 minutes | Oct 27, 2017

EP 048 A Solo Road Trip in a Camper Van

Rachel Archelaus did not come from a household that openly welcomed wanderlust, but she has always wanted to see the world. In fact, she chose a location-independent career so that she can always pick up and go if she wants to. Despite being afraid of heights as well as hills, Rachel bought a camper van so that she could travel solo throughout the U.S. while promoting her book, Intuitive Art. On the show, Rachel discusses what that experience was like and how that experience has transformed her.


Key Takeaways:

*Where is Rachel right now and what brought her there?

*How did Rachel’s parents support her wanderlust when she was growing up?

*New York City was a very grimy place in the 60s and the 70s and it wasn’t a great place to grow up, which is why Rachel’s parents had their reservations about her traveling.

*What was it like taking a solo trip to Europe?

*There are no rules as to how you should behave, that’s what Rachel learned the most on her trip to Europe. We don’t have to be so uptight and rigid with ‘our way of being.’

*Aside from Europe, what’s been the most recent adventure Rachel has been on?

*Rachel bought a van and is now doing a book tour in it! What’s Rachel’s book about?

*What were some of Rachel’s safety concerns while driving the van? How did she prepare?

*How did Rachel plan her route?

*Before traveling in her van, Rachel had never taken a road trip for more than 12 hours.

*Not everything went right on Rachel’s trip, either, but she loved the experience of being alone.

*What went wrong while Rachel was traveling in the camper van?

*Rachel found her ideal lifestyle. By living in her van, she is able to camp out anywhere she wants and she can also visit friends and family without being a burden to them!

*Rachel is now selling her house and shifting her life so that she can travel wherever she wants, making the whole ‘living in her van’ a much more permanent decision.

*What’s Rachel’s next travel destination going to be?

*What does Rachel do for work and how does she help her clients?


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