27 minutes | Mar 23, 2018

Review of Colombia University Celiac Disease Conference 2018 EP064

When faced with new information, it’s important to consider the source. Stop for a moment and examine whether the material is coming from someone with YOUR best interests at heart. The Gluten Free RN has just returned from the Colombia University Celiac Disease Conference, and she is breaking down the information presented to determine what’s useful—and what might be tainted by the pharmaceutical or food industry agenda. Nadine begins with a workshop led by General Mills that offered some questionable information about how grains are processed at their factories and a talk led by University of Chicago faculty on the topic of a gluten challenge. She also speaks to the differences between celiac management in the US and countries with universal healthcare like Italy and Australia. Nadine covers new testing that detects gluten exposure in stool or urine and what that reveals about the systemic nature of gluten damage as well as her take on practitioners who perpetuate the myth that grains are necessary and nutritious. Listen in for the Gluten Free RN’s insight around pharmaceutical treatments for celiac disease and the danger in volunteering for studies backed by drug companies. What’s Discussed: The two programs available at Colombia’s 2018 conference Clinical (nurses, RDs and laypeople) International (doctors, scientists, industry and VC) How celiac disease is managed in Italy Presentation by Dr. Carolina Ciacci Law mandates gluten-free options Nadine’s frustration with the General Mills presentation Major sponsor of conference Claim to separate grains at factory Nadine’s take on gluten-free Cheerios Should be avoided, not truly gluten-free Nadine’s confusion around Dr. Bana Jabri’s comments Wouldn’t put ‘potential celiac patient’ on gluten-containing diet Did not include patients with positive antibody test but negative biopsy Why the biopsy for celiac disease is problematic Only tests one foot into duodenum GI tract is 30 feet in length Nadine’s insight on a gluten-free challenge No possible benefit for patient Unnecessary, unethical The systemic nature of gluten damage New tests detect gluten exposure in stool, urine Urine test indicates passage through every system Nadine’s stance on pharmaceutical treatments for celiac disease No pill or vaccine will treat or cure CD Harmful to people in studies The myth that grains are necessary and nutritious Practitioners who perpetuate are ‘toeing company line’ Why it’s important to understand the source of your information Should be untainted by pharmaceutical money, agenda Australia’s requirements for gluten-free food Standard of less than 3 ppm Resources: Celiac Symposium Program Connect with Nadine: Instagram Facebook Contact via Email ‘Your Skin on Gluten’ on YouTube Melodies of the Danube Gluten-Free Cruise with Nadine Books by Nadine: Dough Nation: A Nurse's Memoir of Celiac Disease from Missed Diagnosis to Food and Heal
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