20 minutes | Jun 22, 2018

A Nurse’s Story of Celiac Disease from 1953 EP074

What did we know about celiac disease in 1953? The truth is, we knew quite a bit about sensitivity to gluten 65 years ago when Matilda Babbitz’s son Bobby was diagnosed with celiac disease. A nurse by profession, Matilda carefully observed her baby and kept detailed records of his reactions to foods, working with doctors to determine an appropriate diet for Bobby. Today, the Gluten Free RN is sharing an article published in the March 1953 edition of the American Journal of Nursing written by Matilda herself. She covers how Bobby presented with celiac disease at six months of age and the dramatic change in his health and behavior after a diet change. Nadine discusses the systematic approach Bobby’s healthcare team took in creating a custom diet, the relationship between the baby’s irritability and his inability to digest food, and his growth and development before and after treatment. She also addresses the misunderstanding that children will ‘grow out of’ celiac disease, explaining that we’ve since learned patients must adhere to a 100% gluten-free diet for life. Listen in for insight around what we can learn from past case studies of celiac disease and understand what we already knew about celiac disease back when Eisenhower was president and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was on the big screen! What’s Discussed: How Bobby presented with celiac disease at six months of age Sudden attack of diarrhea, upper respiratory infection History of GI difficulty + distended abdomen, increased gas Marked irritability, weight loss, inability to move arms/legs The dramatic change in Bobby’s behavior after a diet change Symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and weakness disappeared Irritability subsided with shift to skim milk The new pediatrician’s approach when Bobby’s progress stalled Shift to goat’s milk, added complete multivitamin supplement The relationship between irritable behavior and the inability to digest foods Nurse/mom kept detailed records of foods eaten, reactions Bobby’s growth and development before and after diagnosis Lost ability to perform gross motor activity prior to diagnosis Caught up with age group after diet change (walked at 18 months) How Bobby’s mother dealt with social pressure to eat with others Replaced cookies and ice cream with sherbet and lollipops Kept away from parties so not conscious of being left out The chronic nature of celiac disease No one ‘grows out of’ being celiac 100% gluten-free diet for life Nadine’s insight around what we knew about celiac disease in 1953 Many celiac patients unable to digest cow’s milk Need supplementation with vitamins, certain fats Recognized impairment of immune system Resources ‘Bobby Has Celiac Disease’ in the American Journal of Nursing Connect with Nadine: Instagram Facebook Contact via Email ‘Your Skin on Gluten’ on YouTube Melodies of the Danube Gluten-Free Cruise with Nadine Books by Nadine: Dough Nation: A Nurse's Memoir of Celiac Disease from Missed Diagnosis to Food and Heal Subscribe to The Gluten Free RN Podcast: iTunes Stitcher Google Play
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