28 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

Making Sense Of Miscarriage

For affecting so many couples, miscarriage is just not spoken about enough.

Society teaches us to be hush about early pregnancy, so an expecting mum you may go through the first trimester feeling confused about what is normal, suffering through morning sickness in silence and struggling with the ever-changing lifestyle adjustments a mum-to-be is advised to make.

There is often a constant worry and anxiety around the safety of baby, especially in the event of past complications and in the devastating event of a pregnancy loss, the mum and dad are often left to suffer alone. Instead, I believe this is a time we should be sharing our joyous news, our fears and losses with close loved ones we trust, as being strong and suffering alone does not serving anyone.

Here my aim is to open up the conversation about pregnancy loss, and if you’ve been asking “why us”, I will talk through some potential causes of miscarriage and some guidance of where to from here:

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