61 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

The History of SPF Regulation and How Sunscreen Works

There's been so much news (and drama!) within the sunscreen industry that we thought a primer on the history of SPF was due for The Glossary. We talk about sunscreen nonstop on the pod, but how does it actually work? What's the best way to reapply over makeup? How is it regulated? Is SPF 50 really better than SPF 30? Learn about the beginnings of sunscreen regulations in the United States, who we can thank for broad-spectrum protection, as well as all of our favorite sunscreen picks — from face to body — all available at Ulta Beauty, who we are proudly partnering with on this episode of The Glossary.

All our product recs are available at Ulta Beauty stores or Ulta.com and can be found on our website!


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