57 minutes | Jun 25, 2021

Our Exclusive Interview! Hyram Yarbro on His New Brand, How Many Sponsorship Offers He Gets in a Week and His Goals For Giving Back

Hyram Yarbro was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Arizona to a Mormon Family, not paying much attention to skincare. After moving to Hawaii, getting a sunburn (how times have changed!) and needing a product to help conceal the redness, he ventured into a Sephora and learned quickly the power of cosmetics. Fast forward to 2017, Hyram launched his Youtube channel, advocating for his audience to learn more about the ingredients in their skincare.

In 2020, Hyram was the #1 skinfluencer on Youtube and TikTok, filming 5-6 videos a week along with creating content for TikTok and Instagram. After reviewing a variety of brands, he was determined to create his own. He was about to order all the components to create his own products when he took a meeting with Mark and Colette of The Inkey List. It was then that Selfless by Hyram was born.

We spoke with Hyram about a variety of things, from how his religion growing up impacted his work ethic, his mental health as a content creator, how many brands reach out to him (per week!) to work with him, the causes his brand directly gives back to, and of course had to ask him about his ingredient preferences. Selfless by Hyram is available at Sephora now!


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