76 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

New Independent Athlete Groups with Christian Taylor, Emma Coburn, and Matt Biondi

Independent athlete organizations have been around for years but not all of them last long enough to make significant changes. Noah discusses two new groups with world class athletes Christian Taylor, Emma Coburn, and Matt Biondi and their experiences of forming independent athlete groups in hopes of providing solutions and positive change for athletes worldwide. In this episode, we talk about… What led Christian to follow the footsteps of other athlete rights organizations and start Athletics Association How Christian got buy-in from other athletes and the response received when AA launched Christian’s goal to reach solutions by finding commonalities vs. focusing on adversity The leadership model of Athletics Association and how athletes make their voices heard What Christian’s experienced since forming an independent organization Why Christian believes Athletics Association might be the group to last and advice for anyone starting their own independent organization Why Emma believes a collection of experts is necessary for athlete representation The value of patience and endurance to keep working on the changes you want Ideal revenue model for Athletics Association and providing membership benefits that help make athlete lives better on and off the field What spurred the creation of the International Swimmers' Alliance Why Matt is returning to support swimmers after 25 years of leaving the sport How ISL came to be and its relationship with the International Swimmers' Alliance What athletes can expect from joining the International Swimmers' Alliance The biggest issue swimmers want addressed Whether or not athletes need to be more aggressive in seeking better representation How Matt decides next steps for the ISA and challenges for building a diverse membership Where Matt believes the ISA fits in the broader picture of Olympic sport and with other independent athlete groups Memorable Quotes: “Not all changes have to result from being hurt.” “It’s death by a thousand cuts against these systems; you have to be continually pushing and pushing if you want to slowly create change. You’re definitely going to get pushback more than you make forward progress.” Guest Bio: Christian Taylor is the President of the Athletics Association and is a four time world champion and two time Olympic champion in the triple jump. Emma Coburn is the Vice President of the Athletics Association and is a world champion and an Olympic bronze medalist in the 3000 meter steeplechase. Matt Biondi is Leader of the International Swimmers' Alliance and is an eleven time Olympic medal swimmer.       Links to resources: Learn more about The Athletics Association at athleticsassociation.org. Learn more about the International Swimmers' Alliance at internationalswimmersalliance.org. Follow the Athletics Association on Twitter @WeAreTheSport, the International Swimmers' Alliance @IntSwimAlliance and follow Global Athlete @GlobalAthleteHQ. Get in touch at hello@globalathlete.org and join the movement at globalathlete.org.
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