18 minutes | Sep 8th 2020

Suicide Prevention Month-Compilation1

In depression's grip, it can be nearly impossible to believe that you will not always feel like you do right now. That you will reconnect with your worth and live a life worth living. But it's true. As Suicide Prevention Month (or Suicide Prevention Awareness Month) begins, we pulled five interviews from our archives that address misconceptions about suicide, the value of crisis lines, and a real-life reminder that suicidal crises pass. Things can and do get better. Links to the full episodes with each guest are below. Episode links, in order: https://soundcloud.com/givingvoicetodepression/suicide-myths-and-misconceptions-mark-henick https://soundcloud.com/givingvoicetodepression/a-suicide-attempt-survivors-story-of-hope-mark-henick https://soundcloud.com/givingvoicetodepression/national-suicide-prevention-lifeline-dr-john-draper https://soundcloud.com/givingvoicetodepression/crisis-lines-save-lives-corinne-purtill https://soundcloud.com/givingvoicetodepression/103-crisis-text-line https://soundcloud.com/givingvoicetodepression/college-depression-justin
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