37 minutes | Dec 23, 2019

027 - How to Live “In Courage,” Rather Than “in Fear” Wile You're in Growth Mode - Jill Young Interview

Jill Young, our guest today, is a Certified EOS Implementer with Traction First in Dallas, TX and is the author of a new book, In Courage - How Entrepreneurs and Their Leadership Teams Can Experience Less Pain in Growth Mode.  Jill takes us through the three main "courage mindsets" that she's discovered (through over 600 session days with clients) make the difference between the leadership teams who succeed versus those who don't.  We also cover why she uses Strategic Coach, founded by Dan Sullivan, for her own coaching and personal development. Definitely worth a listen! You can learn more about Jill on her website, www.TractionFirst.com and you can get her book at Amazon (an Audible version is also available): https://www.amazon.com/Courage-Entrepreneurs-Leadership-Experience-Growth/dp/1684704413.
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