32 minutes | Jan 19th 2021

Season 3, Episode 1: What is GitHub DOING?

It’s another year which means the continuation of the discrimination at the tech companies that we work for has only been imported over. For our first episode back after hiatus, Jocelyn tackles the recent firing and rehiring of a GitHub Jewish employee for calling Nazis at The Capitol a “Nazi” and that the damage has already been done. There’s no redo for discrimination.

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Business Insider: https://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-github-backlash-jewish-employee-termination-2021-1

The Verge Article: https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/15/22232766/github-employees-protest-jewish-employee-firing-warn-nazi

GitHub Policy Blog Post: https://github.blog/2021-01-17-update-on-an-employee-matter/


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