17 minutes | Oct 15th 2020

#Paid In Pandemic: Investing to Make Money

Investing is a great way to build wealth. But before you go throwing money into companies that you have no clue about, listen to this. I share my own investing mistakes and how we leverage investing to make money. Michelle's Interview: https://girltalkwithfo.com/investing-for-beginners/ LINKS MENTIONED: Dump Debt & Build Bank: https://girltalkwithfo.samcart.com/products/ddbb-book *Some links may be affiliate links. This means that I will receive a commission if you choose to purchase through the link at no additional cost to you. LINKS: To read the blog: https://girltalkwithfo.com FREE Budgeting Template: https://girltalkwithfo.com/budget-spreadsheets/#freebie Find me on social media: Instagram: @girltalkwithfo (https://instagram.com/girltalkwithfo) Pinterest: @girltalkwithfo (https://pinterest.com/girltalkwithfo) Facebook: @girltalkwithfo (https://facebook.com/girltalkwithfo) Twitter: @girltalkwithfo (https://twitter.com/girltalkwithfo) Check out my platform for moms! Website: https://mamaandmoney.com Instagram: @mamanmoney (https://instagram.com/mamanmoney) Pinterest: @mamanmoney (https://pinterest.com/mamanmoney) Facebook: @mamanmoney (https://facebook.com/mamanmoney) Twitter: @mamanmoney (https://twitter.com/mamanmoney) Youtube: https://youtube.com/mamanmoney