7 minutes | Apr 14, 2020

Maintaining good intimate health during Coronavirus - mini ep with Mia Klitsas.

We should always be practicing good hygiene when it comes to period and intimate care, but now more than ever there's a real heightened awareness of just how easily germs can spread... and so we need to be (extra) vigilant! Here are some simple tips to help keep it all clean.(NOTE: The tips provided in this episode are generic advice - if you have any specific concerns or questions around your own intimate hygiene, please consult a trusted health professional for a more personalised diagnosis and/or treatment plan).This podcast is proudly brought to you by www.moxie.com.au-------------------------------------------------RESOURCE LINKS FROM TODAY'S EPISODE:· For more information about periods and intimate care, check out the Moxie Blog: https://moxie.com.au/blogs/blog· Shop Moxie period care, chocolate, hot water bottles and more on the e-store at www.moxie.com.au (with FREE same day express shipping for AU orders over $40).· Join the convo in the 'Girl’s Got Moxie' Facebook community group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/434304897184111/?source_id=144331283967-------------------------------------------------I'd love to stay in touch and share more good thangs with you... Here are some suggestions:· If you like what you heard on today's ep, I'd love it if you gave our lil' poddy a review!· To be the first to know when a new podcast episode drops, hit the 'Subscribe' button on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, or 'Follow' on Spotify· Check out our Girl's Got Moxie playlists on Spotify featuring songs requested by our guests (and more!)· To learn more about Moxie products, head to www.moxie.com.au or find us at @moxiehq on Insta.· Find me on Insta @moxette· Get in touch any time at girlsgotmoxie@moxie.com.auThanks a bunch for your support, Mia x
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