57 minutes | Oct 23, 2019

Gender dysphoria, femininity and why being transgender is not a choice - with AJ Clementine.

“There’s one role you really get in your life and that’s playing yourself” - wise words from our guest this week, 23-year-old Melbourne-based content creator and LGBTQI+ advocate AJ Clementine, who shares her struggles with growing up with (and navigating!) what was only more recently medically diagnosed as gender dysphoria, and it’s treatment - which for AJ, came in the form of sexual reassignment surgery only 12 months ago. Her story has made national news headlines and despite facing trolls along the way, she continues to educate, inspire and advocate for better education and acceptance of trans people in greater society by so openly and generously sharing her experiences. We talk transitioning, why being transgender is not a choice and what femininity means in today’s world.This podcast is proudly brought to you by www.moxie.com.auGet a BTS glimpse of this ep with AJ Clementine on 'OVER-FLOW', our Mox-pop segments on our YouTube channel.----------------------------Resource links from today’s episode:If you need support or want to talk about sex, sexuality, gender or have any trans-related questions, head to www.reachout.com for LGBTQIA+ support services.To learn more about the queer formal (Australia) head to www.minus18.org.auYou can follow AJ's journey on You Tube and on Instagram @ajclementine_AJ's song choice for the “Girl’s Got Moxie guest playlist” on Spotify is:“Enjoy your life" by Marina.----------------------------I’d love to stay in touch and share more good thangs with you... Here are some suggestions:· If you like what you heard on today’s ep, I’d love it if you gave our lil’ poddy a review!· To be the first to know when a new podcast episode drops, hit the ‘Subscribe’ button on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, or ‘Follow’ on Spotify· Join the convo in our Girl’s Got Moxie community group on Facebook (no trolls or hate plz, good vibes only!)· Check out our Girl’s Got Moxie playlists on Spotify featuring songs requested by our guests· To learn more about Moxie products, head to www.moxie.com.au or find us at @moxiehq on Insta.· Get in touch any time at girlsgotmoxie@moxie.com.auUntil next time, thanks a bunch for your support and go get ‘em, Moxette!! Mia x
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