47 minutes | Dec 11, 2019

From a personal pain point, to a healthier, happier hoo-ha - with Emma Rutherford-Ward, Founder of Vee Underwear.

Emma Rutherford-Ward and I bonded over bamboo undies, tampons, free-bleeding and cheese - quite the combo, and it's not everyday you can say that! I knew immediately that this would make for a fun episode and I wasn't wrong... here's a gal who is doing some seriously cool sh*t and I'm stoked she was prepared to share it on Girl’s Got Moxie! They say that the best ideas often stem from personal pain points and this is a perfect example of just that; a year ago almost to the day, Emma left her day job in the advertising world to launch hoo-ha friendly bamboo underwear brand, Vee Underwear. We talk about all the things, from the importance of brand when launching a product business, to thrush and how to combat it - we covered some ground! There's also a cheeky 20% off discount code buried in this ep, exclusive for GGM subscribers!Head over to OVER-FLOW on YouTube (by @OfficialMoxieTV) for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of this podcast episode, where Em and I talk song requests and what it means to have 'Moxie'!Emma's song request for the 'Girl's Got Moxie' playlist on Spotify is: 'Waterfalls' by TLC.This podcast is proudly brought to you by www.moxie.com.au----------------------------Resource links from today’s episode:You can learn more about Vee Underwear at...Insta: @veeunderwearWebsite: https://veeunderwear.com/Please note that Vee’s 20% off promo for Girl’s Got Moxie subscribers expires on 27.12.19 at 11.59pm AEST. Coupon code must be entered at checkout to redeem the offer.----------------------------I’d love to stay in touch and share more good thangs with you... Here are some suggestions:· If you like what you heard on today’s ep, I’d love it if you gave our lil’ poddy a review!· To be the first to know when a new podcast episode drops, hit the ‘Subscribe’ button on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, or ‘Follow’ on Spotify· Join the convo in our Girl’s Got Moxie community group on Facebook (no trolls or hate plz, good vibes only!)· Check out our Girl’s Got Moxie playlists on Spotify featuring songs requested by our guests (and more!)· To learn more about Moxie products, head to www.moxie.com.au or find us at @moxiehq on Insta.· Get in touch any time at girlsgotmoxie@moxie.com.auUntil next time, thanks a bunch for your support and go get ‘em, Moxette!! Mia x
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