41 minutes | Feb 18th 2021

Jennifer Williamson The Psychic Medium

Special Thank you to our sponsors over at Podcorn.com!Special Thank you to our sponsors at SmileBrilliant.com Use Coupon Code GIRLWHY for 30% of your order!This week we had the privledge of having a Psychic Medium Jennifer Williamson as our guest. Jennifer discussed her abilities and how she learned to tap into them. We had some fun with readings and got some insight on what Jennifer see's for Kim & Kanye and their divorce, who in the political world might be having a big breakup, her thoughts on Covid-19 + so much more!To find JenniferFacebook @Jennifer Williamson Psychic Medium. Website Roomfullofangels.orgFeatured on Bestpsychicmedium.comFeatured on The Theta Wave with Heather Silverman on YouTube A message from Jennifer on how to connect with your loved ones"Dearest God, I seek to expand my consciousness through Your angels' interventions into the landscapes of my mind this night. i give You my open mind and heart, that You may heal my limitations in thinking, and correct my mind to truth."GIRL WHY PODCAST www.girlwhypodcast.comIG: GIRL_WHY_PODCAST
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