25 minutes | Jun 30th 2014

057: Autumn Martin, Founder/Chocolatier, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Autumn Martin is a proud 4th generation Washingtonian. She finds much inspiration in the natural elements found in the Pacific Northwest and is passionate about incorporating them into her creations—from innovative confections to the brand she’s created with Hot Cakes. Autumn founded Hot Cakes in 2008, selling the namesake, Take n Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in mason jars at Farmer’s Markets in Seattle. In May of 2012, she opened Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery, an artisan dessert and craft cocktail bar featuring creative, small-batch desserts and fine spirits, to rave reviews. In April of 2013, St. Martin’s Press released herfirst book, Malts & Milkshakes: 60 Recipes for frosty, creamy, frozen treats. Autumn has developed a devoted following over the years, and she is highly respected for her innovative flavor profiles and commitment to creating quality products. Hot Cakes was awarded “Best Dessert” at the NW Chocolate Festival for the last three years and was honored with a “Best New Dessert” nod from Seattle magazine. Most recently, her Pacific Coast Sea Salt Caramel Sauce became a Good Food Award finalist and her Molten Chocolate Cakes were featured on O magazine’s Wow list. Autumn is a graduate of the Culinary Arts Program at Edmonds Community College where she was honored as Student of the Year and now Distinguished Alumni. She worked at Seattle’s world-renowned Canlis restaurant from 2002 to 2004. In 2005, she devoted her life to chocolate and became the head chocolatier for Theo Chocolate where she created award-winning confections and chocolate bars for nearly 5 years. Autumn loves to rock climb, snowboard, surf, eat, love, and sleep.     On Today's show Autumn will share: - What’s Your Personal Mission Statement Be as honest as possible, be compassionate and kind to myself and listen to my gut. - Biggest Business Mistake Hiring family to help me build out the restaurant – it created so much stress, and I knew in the beginning it would turn out to be a mistake but I did it any way. Big, painful mistake that I could have done without. - How Do You Handle Business Stress and Uncertainty I wait. I try to not make any large decision on the fly, so I contemplate and talk it over with friends and colleagues and wait it out until it feels right. For stress - it’s an everyday learning process. I am trying to practice empathy and compassion as most stress is brought on by the actions of others and getting worked up over other peoples actions doesn’t serve me that well, so I am working on keeping calm and staying open and understanding to their position. - Greatest Business Decision That Changed Everything Going for it. I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to open a brick and mortar dessert restaurant and doing so has changed the game completely. We are successful and it feels good. Also, waiting for the right location and the right mix of investors. Having good people on my team makes all the difference in the world. Everybody is so supportive. - Best Book For The Entrepreneurial Mindset Well, I must say that I LOVE Atlas Shrugged. I don’t think it is at all about greed and just about capitalism, but about passionate builders (not just of structures) with visions and their path to living with truth and justice outside the sticky cobwebs of untruthful people. - Plus much more... Useful links: http://www.getyourhotcakes.com https://twitter.com/getyourhotcakes https://www.facebook.com/getyourhotcakes
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