26 minutes | Jun 4th 2014

049: Amanda Bates and Kit Seay, Founders of Tiny Pies

Kit and Amanda started Tiny Pies three years ago at the farmer’s market and it’s grown by leaps and bound since. The idea for Tiny Pies came from Amanda’s son’s wanting to take pie in their lunch to school. Tiny Pies bakes seasonally and sources ingredients from local farmers (when available). Pies are baked fresh daily with natural ingredients. Tiny Pies will open its’ first brick and mortar store on March 24, 2014.   On Today's show Amanda and Kit will share: - What are your top 3 business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs Top tips: 1. Trust your gut, (2) be fearless, (3) have faith in yourself. - What has been your biggest business mistake Our biggest business mistake was spending too much money on promotional materials and marketing in the first year. - What do you think is the difference between people who talk about starting businesses and those who actually do it I’ve found for me, that the more I talk about an idea the more energy and momentum the idea loses, thus, I try to keep my vision for the company close to me …I don’t talk much about what we’re doing but instead I visualize it every day and keep focused on that vision. - What has been greatest business decision you made that changed everything for the better There are two business decisions that I feel changed everything fro the better. (1) Investing time in talking with others who are in the business and learning from them…avoiding the mistakes/missteps they made. (2) Investing money in our brand/ logo creation and website. - Plus much more...
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