23 minutes | Jun 3rd 2014

048: Trevor Ross, Founder and Brew Master of LIVE Kombucha Soda

LIVE Kombucha Soda is the pioneer of better tasting Kombucha, providing a raw organic Kombucha that is not an acquired taste. Our founder, Trevor Ross wanted his family to be healthy, particularly his father who was a soda addict—so he set out to brew a Kombucha that combines all of its raw benefits with the popular taste of soda…Mission Accomplished! All LIVE Kombucha Soda products are USDA Organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and made with Fair Trade Certified ingredient LIVE Kombucha Soda began in Austin, Texas as one man's mission to improve the health of his family by crafting a kombucha that tastes like soda. Trevor Ross first experimented with small batches, tweaking spices and flavors until he got each one just right. His kombucha went above and beyond industry standards of quality and probiotic content using only the purest ingredients - always USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair-Trade, and 99% raw kombucha. Soon, friends and family were raving about the delicious taste and asking him to sell bottles of the brew. Trevor had already achieved great success with Boundless Nutrition with his yummy Oatmega Bars and Perfect Cookies, so he teamed up with his friends David Smith of Sweet Leaf Tea and Mario Mendias of My Fit Foods to share LIVE Kombucha Soda with the world. Now this raw, organic beverage has come on the market, much to the delight of soda and kombucha lovers alike. Try it! Your digestive tract will thank you. "We lost my sister Courtney to breast cancer several years ago, and our family was devastated. I funneled my grief into finding ways to help the rest of my family stay healthy. I had begun drinking Kombucha, but could not convince anyone else in my family to also drink it. I started experimenting to see if I could make it taste more appealing. At the same time, I was trying to figure out how to convince my father, who was a soda addict, to find a healthier beverage to consume. Lightbulb! I thought, instead of taking away his soda, what if I could just sub it out for kombucha that actually tasted like soda? Give it a try. My dad did, and he's been soda-free ever since.” – Trevor Ross, Founder and Brew Master   On Today's show Trevor will share: - What are your top 3 business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs Find someone who was successful in your industry, and find a way to get them as your mentor/business partner. Know the market Watch your cash  - What has been your biggest business mistake Bad Hires  - What do you think is the difference between people who talk about starting businesses and those who actually do it? Risk tolerance and faith. Faith that it is going to work and faith in yourself  - What has been greatest business decision you made that changed everything for the better? Finding good business partners, take advice from people who know the industry.  - Best books for the entrepreneurial mindset? The Tipping Point Malcom Gladwell Outliers – Malcom Gladwell The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss - Plus much more...
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