30 minutes | May 16th 2014

047: David Israel, Founder of POP! Gourmet Snacks

David is a serial entrepreneur who has built several successful companies over the past three decades. The regional consumer financial services company Pawn X-Change that he founded in 1993 that grew to 45 stores and 50mm in revenue, was sold in 2008 for 70 million dollar. David founded the upscale service repair company Home Smart in 2000 and sold in 2003 with 3mm in revenues. David was incarcerated from 2003 -2007 for charges related to Pawn X-change business in 1993, and this is where he found the concept that was the basis for POP Gourmet, writing a business plan while in prison and launching in late 2010. POP! Gourmet now has 90 employees and 35% are transiting ex-cons giving them an opportunity to have a positive life.     On Today's show David will share: - What are your top 3 business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs Know your market better than competitors, be the absolute best at what you do, and never see barriers, only hurdles you can get over. - What has been your biggest business mistake Giving to much rope to employees that obviously aren’t in to win. - What do you think is the difference between people who talk about starting businesses and those who actually do it Listening to NO or CANT. -What has been greatest business decision you made that changed everything for the better Having integrity, the highest quality products and service period. -Best book for the entrepreneurial mindset “They Can Kill You But They Can’t Eat You” By Dawn Steele - Plus much more...
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