28 minutes | May 2nd 2014

042: Alex Abbott Boyd, Founder of Cocktail Crate

About 1 year after gradating college, I quite my management consulting job without a plan, just a strong feeling that I needed to be doing something I was more passionate about. Having traveled to organic tea estates in the Himalayan foothills as well as to every great speakeasy bar in NYC, I had the idea that maybe people would be interested in using premium cocktail mixers crafted from organic teas, local honey, and other fresh/organic ingredients. I made a video describing the idea, put it on Kickstarter, and since it funded Cocktail Crate has been my full time job.   On Today's show Alex will share: - What’s Your Personal Mission Statement The journey is the reward - Biggest Business Mistake Rather than 1 giant mistake, I typically do every little thing wrong the first time I try it, then get it right the second. - How Do You Handle Business Stress and Uncertainty It’s really important to build a network of other entrepreneurs to offer advice/complain about things with. - Greatest Business Decision That Changed Everything Not sure I’ve made that yet, although listening to my customers and cutting the size of the mixer bottle in half was pretty big. - Best Book For The Entrepreneurial Mindset Steve Job’s official biography - Plus much more...
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