30 minutes | Apr 30th 2014

040: Kelly Costello, Founder of Puppy Cake LLC

Kelly Costello is the owner and founder of Puppy Cake LLC and is a graduate of Grove City College with a degree in international business in 2007. After a year in the corporate world, Kelly started Puppy Cake LLC and has most notably appeared on season 3 of ABC's Shark Tank. Puppy Cake headquarters are located in Evans City, PA where Kelly currently lives with her two rescued terriers.     On Today's show Kelly will share: - What’s Your Personal Mission Statement My personal mission statement is to constantly grow and stretch myself as a business person (not allowing gender to influence or inhibit my growth) while maintaining my personal integrity. - Biggest Business Mistake I spent way to much money in the beginning. I was naïve and almost completely delusional about my business. My sales the first year were in the thousands while I spent nearly $20k that first year. It has taken a long time to get rid of all the debt I accumulated from the first 5 years. - How Do You Handle Business Stress and Uncertainty I often have an inner dialogue with myself. I will assess this situation for what it is. Perhaps its my fault that I am experiencing the stress. If I made a mistake, I analyze it, recognize it, forgive myself and move on. If the stress is a result of outside forces, I analize it, recognize the problems and can often commend myself for handling the situation well. For uncertainty, I love data and do my best to accurately predict sales numbers and changing trends, but I plan for the worst. - Greatest Business Decision That Changed Everything Best business decision I ever made was accepting the request to apply for shark tank. It has changed everything. - Best Book For The Entrepreneurial Mindset The E-Myth. Hands down. - Plus much more...
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