34 minutes | Dec 30, 2014

GJQ009 Jinneh Dyson Think Up

  Today we are interviewing the incredible Dr. Jinneh H. Dyson. She is an Amazon bestseller for her book “Think your Way Up: 21 Mental Habits of High Performance People”. She is one extraordinary woman and if you look at her, she is nothing like her story as she has risen from her circumstances to the woman she is now, and she will share that with us today. Here are highlights from our conversation:       At age 4, growing up in what she calls a “family of hurting”, she learned how to hate herself and she learned to dislike herself. She said she basically grew up as an unhappy child – she was very sad but she learned quickly how to mask that so that nobody would know that she was hurting and what helped her to pretend was that she had all these dreams inside and she used her dreams to propel her to excel because she didn’t want people to notice her.   At age 14, her mom passed away and she was left depressed and feeling alone. She felt that God was punishing her and she felt that she was trying to do everything the right way, and here, God has taken everything from her. She was completely discouraged and disappointed and very down but she knew she had to keep going because she knew that if she didn’t, people would be in her business and she didn’t want them in her business because she didn’t want to seem weak. She knew she had to fight and she had to put on this survival mask and keep going.
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