8 minutes | Apr 8, 2015

3 Simple Ways to Getting in Action

Start where you are Don’t wait until you have everything perfect or until you make more money.  Yes, you want a super slick website.  Yes, you want a professional camera.  Yes, you want to lose 10 pounds before you start doing videos, but that’s not important to your potential audience.  Your website, camera, or weight doesn’t hold any significance to the impact that you could potentially have on someone else’s life…unless you allow these things to hold you back.  Get to work! Actionable Tip: Select one tangible action that you can complete in order to gain momentum.  It could be something as simple as reserving your website domain name.  Each step will lead to consecutive steps eventually resulting in momentum.   Make a Bold Declaration Stop bottling up your vision and hording it to yourself.  Set you intentions and BOLDLY state it to the world.  This is what you call an accountability hack.  As a person of high integrity you’ll feel bound to keep your word, thus forcing you work on your goal.  Increase the stakes of your declaration even more by informing people of the date that you will have this goal accomplished by.  Actionable Tip:  Go on Facebook right now, post a status about a big hairy goal that you’ve been itching to accomplish.  Feels good, right?  Come back and let me know when this is done.   Get a Coach or Mentor The fastest way to get to where you want to go is by aligning yourself with someone who has traveled your desired path already.  Success leaves clues.  There’s no need to recreate the wheel when you can leverage someone else’s knowledge.  It’s always helpful to work with someone who can help us navigate through our blind spots.  This is why working with the right coach is so powerful.  If you think you can’t afford a coach, I’d like to challenge you on your mindset.  Successful people don’t think “I can’t afford this” instead they ponder “HOW can I afford this” and then they figure it out.  However, all is not lost if working with a coach is not a viable option at the moment.  Find a local mentor that is willing to help you for free.  Lastly, some of the world’s greates
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