14 minutes | Aug 20, 2020

Outsourcing: How to know you're ready for help

How do you know when you’re ready for help?

Most of us know the vibe, we’re BUSY. And we feel like all of these tiny tasks take a huge amount of time. But the money isn’t necessarily there yet and it feels super scary to even think about taking on help. And like do you hire them as an employee? Are they a contractor? What do I even do?

But here’s the thing, paying someone to help you can actually bring in more money.

Ultimately it is a decision about time vs money. The ultimate decision really. Which is a more limited resource? Which do you have more access to?

Start thinking about the things that drain you and the tasks that take a long time. These are the places where you might ask for help. Your time might be better spent working on projects you love and you are great at! This is how you scale, but outsourcing tasks, and not getting stuck in the muck.

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-How you know when you're ready for help -Why you should ask for help -Where to look for help -Apps that can help automate + safe time

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