35 minutes | Dec 2, 2020


Webinar Series Addresses Making The Most of The Golf Surge of 2020 In this episode of the GIR we discuss with an industry panel specific growth strategies, marketing opportunities, technology in golf, and specifically the drastic changes that have taken place industry-wide amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Collaborators from 121 Marketing, Gallus Golf and Clup Prophet Systems have come together for what they are calling a first in a binge-worthy series of webinars. The group shares an insiders analysis of what just occurred in 2020 with the extreme bump in golf interest, and culminate in aiding courses of all types to prepare for how to engage these new audiences and drive the deepest level of loyalty possible. The first in the series of webinars recently kicked off with more to come. This series comprises a quick 30 minute webinar sharing metrics and exact tips they are deploying for golf clients around the country. The 6 Each episode will feature metrics and takeaways that will enlighten and engage the audience, and give everyone practical steps they can take back to their facilities to improve their business. Future webinars to include How The Customer Changed Overnight , The New Golfer Funnel , Discounted Barter is Covid's Next Victim , Dynamic Pricing Has Officially Arrived , and How to Succeed and Win in 2021 . LISTEN: https://thegolfwire.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/GIREpisode15-Audio.m4a   WATCH:   THE GOLF TECH GURUS THURSDAY, December 10th at 1:00 PM ET Episode 3: The New and Improved Golfer Funnel with Special Guest Jim Koppenhaver of Pellucid Corp Hosted by Kent Ashby, Rob Hoffman, Scott Merchant and Jim Koppenhaver REGISTER HERE The post GOLF INDUSTRY GURUS SET THE STAGE FOR 2021 – GIR #15 appeared first on The Golf Wire.
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