59 minutes | Apr 9th 2020

When You Thought Telehealth News Couldn't Get Better...

TECHNICAL GLITCH! Show start at 2 min, 30 sec. Free telehealth service until the pandemic is over, thanks to the power of broadband and cloud computing. Doug Tate, CEO of Alpha Technologies, realized that his data center technology for businesses is capable of linking indivuals with healthcare providers regardless of the computing device in either end. The key is a HIPAA-compliant cloud connection. He'll describe how it all works on my show today. Dr. R. Michael Greiwe is an broadband-savvy orthopedic surgeon and also CEO for telehealth firm OrthoLive. During this Coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Greiwe is making healthcare specialists, general practitioners and folks in general aware of benefit telehealth. In addition to their major projects, we will discuss: deployment challenges iPhones, Androids; deploying platforms that support provider-to-provider communication; andtools of the Telehealth trade.  Gigabit Nation is sponsored this month by Ready.net. Ready.net helps community broadband networks add subscribers and increase revenue through the premium telehealth services Ready.net makes possible by connecting home to hospital.     
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