59 minutes | Apr 26th 2016

What Happens When Gigabit Wireless Hits Urban American?

One of the fading myths of our time is that large metro areas don’t need a gig, and another myth is that you can’t make a business case for delivering a gig to low-income communities, even if they need it. A wireless ISP (WISP) located in Cleveland, Ohio has been providing homes and businesses there with a gig wirelessly, and is getting ready to extend services to New York City. Ron Deus, CEO of regional WISP NetX, describes his formula for success. It starts with an understanding that a lot of people don’t care what the infrastructure is that delivers their Internet access as long as it is fast, reliable and affordable. Deus also believes technology, including wireless, is rapidly evolving and providers that keep pace with the evolution will have business success. NetX has always treated Cleveland's low-income communities as a market on par with every other market: 1) build them an infrastructure that delivers and 2) give them a variety of service packages suited to their needs, the market will reward you. NetX is now ready to test its formula in the Big Apple – New York, New York.
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