47 minutes | Apr 11th 2016

What Can You Do with a Gig? Should be: What Have You Done With a Gig Lately?

We are at the point where we have scores of public highspeed networks delivering an array of benefits for businesses and consumers. Kansas City, the original Google Fiber network, weighs in their accomplishments and challenges as they push the gig envelope. Our Gigabit Nation guest is Aaron Deacon, Managing Director of KC Digital Drive, and a panelist on one of the Broadband Communities Summit sessions entitled “What can you do with a gig?” He believes many cities have answered this question with an array of applications and uses for highspeed Internet access, which leads to maybe a better question of "What are we going to do with a gig next?" Deacon delineates the difference between gigabit speed and gigabit capacity, a difference many communities need to understand early in there broadband planning. It’s also important that planners understand how to encourage a “highspeed environment” that enables community networks to transform the delivery of healthcare, energy, city services and more.  (Photo credit: Rachel Ellner, courtesy of Broadband Communities magazine)
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