60 minutes | Apr 8th 2020

We’re Leaving the Light On For Telehealth. But Now What?

The Feds threw off the handcuff that cripple telehealth. Patients now can be treated in hotels, dormitories, and other alternative facilities using telehealth. But there’s not much time for celebrating. Communities slammed hard by COVID-19 foresee treating non-COVID patients using in telehealth in alternate facilities. Is your community ready?  Rena Brewer coaches our audience with tips to prepare their communities for a telehealth world, including site selection and and training local healthcare workers. Brewer is CEO of nonprofit telehealth vendor, Global Partnership for Telehealth, and oversees the Southeast Telehealth Resource Center. Creating alternative healthcare facilities demands quality broadband to power the telehealth. Ron Deus, CEO of wireless IPS (WISP) NetX Internet, helps our audience prepare a strategy for broadband coverage in underserved urban and rural communities.  Gigabit Nation is sponsored this month by Ready.net. Ready.net helps community broadband networks add subscribers and increase revenue through the premium telehealth services Ready.net makes possible by connecting home to hospital.Thanks 
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