60 minutes | Aug 14th 2018

Psst! FCC. Crappy Broadband Means Crappy Telehealth!

We could lower the nation’s collective healthcare bill if we leveraged telehealth. The FCC apparently got the message and plans to launch the Connected Care $100 million grant program. But some worry that the grant will become one more taxpayer-financed giveaway to giant telco/cableco. Former Commissioner Mignon Clyburn discusses the importance of community broadband to telehealth delivery. People who are the most vulnerable economically are affected most by FCC broadband and telehealth policy. Will decisions of the FCC majority - especially regarding Lifeline - widen the digital divide? Ms Clyburn lays out steps that broadband stakeholders can take to encourage effective FCC telehealth policy. John Windhausen, Excutive Director of the Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband coalition, simplifies for listeners the FCC's public comment process for the telehealth grant. He explains: the FCC's broadband funding mechanisms; the Noticice of Inquiry process and how regular citizens can participate; and how community broadband networks can participate in the grant. Craig Settles hosts Gigabit Nation. He also assists communities with the business and marketing planning of their broadband networks.  
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