39 minutes | Aug 16th 2018

Chattanooga Doc Shows Community Broadband the Linchpin To Great Telehealth!

Chattanooga soon will reach 100,000 subscribers for its public broadband network. And the telco/cable incumbents  would love nothing better than to crush the life out of the city’s network. Telehealth could keep EPB, the city public network, a step or two ahead of competitors. Dr. Laurie Davis and her medical practice (In Good Health) were part of a pilot test for a telehealth product and service and conducted by EPB. She recounts her experiences with telemedicine and how it has improve the healthcare her practice delivers. But the product also enables her doctors to do house calls for elderly patients who can't easily get from their homes to the office because of difficult travel logistics.    Chattanooga’s gig network and EPB are incredibly popular, and their commitment to telehealth reflects the their devotion to innovation on behalf of subscribers.  Dr. Davis and her staff use EPB broadband in their homes as well as in the office. In Good Health started in 2006 and built its reputation on the long-term patients relationships. They expect telehealth to bring additional value to those relationships.   Craig Settles hosts Gigabit Nation. He also assists communities with the business and marketing planning of their broadband networks.  
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