59 minutes | Apr 16th 2020

7 Day in April – A Digital Healthcare Wonder To Fight COVID-19

Learn how Partners Healthcare, the City of Boston, and the state of Massachusetts created Boston Hope, a 1,000-bed field hospital with a telehealth-driven hybrid wired/wireless infrastructure – in just seven days! Listen to best practices for transforming your local healthcare capabilities with telehealth and community broadband, regardless of your city’s or county’s size. Our guest, John Campbell, serves as the Chief Information Officer for C, a division of not-for-profit Partner’s Healthcare. Campbell describes how the team: implemented a fully technology-enabled hospital, including a testing lab and pharmacy;deployed broadband, regular computers, and mobile devices; andthe massive push to get 10,000 physicians set up to do telehealth in just a few weeks; andsuccessfully herded cats. Boston Hope was created to treat patients on the road to recovery, while easing pressure on the others hospitalsproviding acute, ICU treatment for COVID-19 patients. Boston Hope likely will close when Boston has “flatten the curve.”                                              ***************************************** Gigabit Nation is sponsored this month by Ready.net. Ready.net helps community broadband networks add subscribers and increase revenue through the premium telehealth services Ready.net makes possible by connecting home to hospital.       
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