59 minutes | Jul 22nd 2020

12 million urban households have no access to telehealth. Here's how we fix it!

Currently there are 14 million people of color who cannot get telehealth while the FCC & USDA spends nearly $5 billion dollars/year to get telehealth & broadband for 4 million rural households.  Where is the parity in funding? Where is the justice?  Francella Ochillo, our guest today on Gigabit Nation talk show, is the Executive Director of the broadband  advocacy group Next Century Cities. She is definitely ready to fight the good fight for fast, affordable and reliable broadband access for all.  Ms Ochillo lays out in real terms the costs facing urban America if we don’t get parity in broadband spending. People are marching in the streets saying how important it is that Black people have an even playing field. Maybe they can detour for a few days to bring this message to Federal agencies that fund the good health of rural communities while missing the mark in their funding of urban health.  
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