57 minutes | May 5, 2021

19: Haunted Cemeteries, Castles & Basements

This week on #GhostStoriesWithAnjelah we are joined with a very special guest; comedian Frankie Quinones and two fan submissions.  Last week we had a crazy moment where a "disembodied voice" interrupted one of our stories... we'll be replaying that in a later episode... Frankie Q:  My story is from when I lived in San Francisco with my cousin and a couple other homies. In a house that was built in the early 1900’s. Had a creepy basement and everything. Everybody who’s lived there has a story or two but I always thought it was exaggerated. Until I was home alone for a week and shit got real. 😳 Micah – Micah is a magician who has performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has stories about ghosts at the Magic Castle. Sean – During the Orbs of Oahu Ghost Tour he volunteered to go into the Spirit Portal and had visions and visits from both of his deceased grandfathers. #GhostStories #Paranormal
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