36 minutes | Oct 6, 2021

Timothy Jones on HipHopEd and Techniques4Learning

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast Getting Smart team members Mason Pashia and Shawnee Caruthers are joined by Timothy Jones, a long-time educator, coach, mentor and someone who lives and breathes hip hop. Timothy is the Chief Visionary Officer at #HipHopEd, a digitally-birthed organization with a sprawling membership of brilliant educators and passionate advocates that know just how powerful this intersection can be.  He is also the founder of Techniques4Learning, a company dedicated to utilizing Hip-Hop and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to develop and implement strategies, curriculum and activities to improve teacher student engagement for schools, universities, education organizations and community based organizations. Let’s listen in as they discuss the role of hip hop in school, how being an MC is like being a minister, what educators can learn from other professions, student engagement and much more. 
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