25 minutes | Jun 19th 2020

061: Talking about racism as a white European women living in America

Today is Juneteenth. The day when African Americans celebrate their freedom in the United States! Commemoration of the ending of slavery in this country. 

And here we are more than 150 years later still fighting against racism! As protesters begin marching in the streets, people all over the world are starting to speak up against racism.

In this episode I’m sharing my thoughts and feelings with you. I’m a white European woman, living in American for 12 years. Yes, I do have white privilege. But I also carry pain for being judged for who and what I am.

African Americans, Black people all over the world! I’m here listening to your struggles. I feel hope for you!

You are welcomed to this podcast to share your story, to speak up, and to educate others. My promise is to share and feature even more African Americans and interracial couples during this difficult time. I continue being open minded to understand you better. 


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