107 minutes | Dec 20th 2019

051: Holiday Celebrations from Around the World with Intercultural Families

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Friends from all over the World! Which holiday are you celebrating? Christmas? Diwali? Eid? Hanukkah? Chinese New Year? Kwanzaa? … Or I should say HOLIDAYS! Because multicultural people don’t just celebrate one holiday, right?

No matter which holiday you celebrate, in the end it’s about spending time with family. And eating good food!

I invited 7 amazing guests from different cultures to talk about holiday celebrations from all over the World:

First you will hear from Mary, who is Canadian Chinese talking about her experience living in a country that mainly celebrates Christmas. As somebody who grew up in a Chinese culture celebrating Chinese New Years Eve, instead of Christmas, she feels pretty confident to teach her daughter that just because everybody else is does something, doesn’t mean that you have to follow!


Show Notes: https://editvasadi.com/multicultural-holiday-celebrations


Connect with Mary:

Website: www.organizedsound.ca

Instagram: @organizedsoundproductions

Podcast: The Homestay Kitchen

Podcast Instagram: @homestaykitchen

My second guest (or guests I should say) are Charis and Mahesh, an Indian-American couple, talking about their Christmas and Diwali celebration.

Connect with Charis and Mahesh:

YouTube channel: I Am Naidu

YouTube video about Diwali: What is Diwali

Instagram: @i_am_naidu_007

Facebook: facebook.com/iamnaidu007

After them I have Lolitta who is originally from Uzbekistan. She spent 4 years in Israel before moving to the States, so I invited her to talk about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. She is also sharing a little bit about the New Year celebration in Russia.

Connect with Lolitta:

Instagram: @hairwithloveby_lolitta

After Lolitta you can listen Petronella’s story about her journey from Uganda to the United States, and how the constant moving shaped the way her family celebrated Christmas.

Connect with Petronella:

Website: www.ypetronella.com

Instagram: @petronellaphotography

Podcast: I Am Multicultural Podcast

Podcast Instagram: @iammulticultural

My next guest is going to be Nivi, who was born in South India, but moved to America when she was only a year old. Nivi is going to tell us about the holidays she grew up celebrating and how they transformed over the years.

Connect with Nivi:

Website: www.soapboxproject.org

Instagram: @soapboxproject

Podcast: Get Schooled 

Then you will hear from Aneesa (also known as ‘expat panda’) who is from South Africa currently living in the Middle East. I invited her to talk about Eid and her journey celebrating different holidays with her Christian partner.

Connect with Aneesa:

Blog: expatpanda.com

Instagram: @expatpanda

My last, but not least guest is going to be Diana from Romania. She is one of my friends here in Arizona. Diana will be sharing her orthodox Christmas traditions and how she adopted some of the American holidays.

Connect with Diana:

Website: www.makeupbydiana.com

Instagram: @diangelmakeup

Facebook: facebook.com/arizonaweddingmakeup


Last year I shared our Hungarian-American Christmas traditions, feel free to check it out if you are interested. (Episode 9.)


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