38 minutes | Feb 4, 2020

Nick Vissari - Engineering Dropout to Math Tutor to Security Architect/Engineer

Nick Vissari went from being an engineering dropout (he didn't like creative writing) to a tech consultant to a math tutor. His penchant for fixing things homed him back into tech, where he is now responsible for security in a large school district. He recently went back to school and received his cybersecurity degree as well.


  • At 10-years-old, his Dad had problems putting the computer together, so he helped his dad
  • Family never stifled any inquisitiveness he had
  • Started as a math tutor at the school system
  • How he initially had the wrong attitude in security


  • "Once you get into a position somewhere, do whatever you can to make yourself invaluable. Find the things people don't want to do and do them. The hard problems are the ones most rewarding." 
  • "If you're not automating right now, it's probably because you have more resources than you know what to do with." 
  • "There are a lot of people that are security professionals, but they really don’t know about how a system works."
  • "Just got to have that passion for wanting to learn and you can definitely jump into security."
  • "My grandmother always said: 'Those who don't make mistakes, don't do much.' So get out there a make a bunch of mistakes."
  • "Don't be that guy that says 'No' to everything."


Getting Into Infosec

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