44 minutes | Jan 4, 2022

Is TV the Solution to the Recruiting Challenges of the Great Resignation?

Could your TV be the answer to the challenges of the Great Resignation? It just might be, in part at least.

In this episode of Get Reworked, we talk to Meredith Sadoulet, vice president of talent, strategy and experience at Comcast, about the story behind the development of Xfinity X1 Career Center, a job search destination launched on the Philadelphia-based company's cable platform in 2021. Meredith led the small entrepreneurial team within Comcast to launch this new consumer-facing job search tool. 

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"I can remember in the earliest days having some conversations with folks who said, 'I can't imagine that anyone would ever want to think about something serious like job search when they're watching TV,'" Meredith said. "Yet we had some market research and frankly, we had anecdotes. And we also had a gut feeling that there was an opportunity here based on what we were seeing with employment trends and a need for disruption." 

Highlights of the conversation include:

  • How Comcast discovered TV was a search destination for job seekers.
  • What the Career Center does and how the company built it.
  • How companies like Walmart are using the platform to meet their recruiting and diversity and inclusion goals.
  • The effects of the Great Resignation on recruiting and job search.
  • Lessons learned from operating as a startup within a larger company.

Plus, co-hosts Siobhan Fagan and Mike Prokopeak talk with Meredith about whether 5G is overrated or underrated, the enduring allure of business travel and bicycle racing as a form of relaxation. Listen in for more.

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