43 minutes | Jan 13, 2021

Ep 047: The Flight Attendant

Welcome back to GYCO Tower for episode #47 of the podcast! It's a New Year and we're kicking off 2021 by discussing all of the latest news and reviewing one of our top shows of 2020. In the news we're talking about Walter Hamada's DC Films contract extension, the cancellation of Green Arrow & The Canaries and Sony Pictures decision to move the release date of Morbius due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. We've also got some personal news for you with the launch of our new weekly video news show and the launch of our brand new Patreon campaign. Then we finally sit down for a hilarious (and delirious) discussion on the first season of HBO Max's The Flight Attendant starring Kaley Cuoco. ----------------------------------- 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:56 News: Walter Hamada extends DC Films contract 00:06:05 News: Green Arrow & the Canaries not moving forwards 00:09:04 News: Morbius shifts release dates to October 2021 00:12:33 News: GYCO News show on Twitter 00:13:37 News: Launching GYCO Patreon 00:17:20 Review: The Flight Attendant season 1 00:41:52 Outro ----------------------------------- Theme - "Cataclysmic Molten Core" by Jingle Punks
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