11 minutes | Apr 15, 2020

Social Distance and Curbside Service with Paul Huber

Back in the olden days (early March or so), not many people could have drawn a useful comparison between selling cars and selling pizzas, but Paul Huber at Nissan of Cool Springs has used our current coronavirus crisis to bring those two worlds much closer together.Even though car dealerships are an essential business in Tennessee and can be open for business, the city came through last week and said that customers could not be allowed inside the store.No problem.There's an old saying in the car business: "When the tents go up, the prices go down!"The dealership set up an outdoor staging area to work the entire sales process OUTSIDE the store from the initial solo test drive, sales, finance, and final delivery all without ever setting foot inside.Just like picking up a pizza - Curbside to go!And if you can prefer, they deliver the car to your home - just like a pizza.Paul has delivered cars both locally and several hundred miles away opening up new sales territories and marketing opportunities."Now that we have embraced this," says Paul, "we have removed the boundaries of the physical nature of the dealership."The dealership can now be wherever the customer is whenever the customer is ready to buy.Paul is actually making it EASIER to buy a car than buy a pizza.He's set up a short code that allows customers to begin the buying process by simply texting the word DELIVER to 96300 and complete the sale remotely including all the paperwork.How are you and your dealership dealing with the current situation? As an apocalypse or an opportunity? I'd love to hear your story and share it on the next episode of the #GetYaSome Radio Show. Call me at 615-804-0311 and tell me how this is affecting you, your business, your family and you customers.And remember...It's still a big wide world, boys and girls, get out there and get ya some!  Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Connect with Paul HuberLinkedIn: Paul HuberDealer Rater: Paul HuberFacebook: The Rock & Roll Wood ShopHow to sell more cars, make more money, and have more fun working from home in your underwear. Text "TERRY" to 33777Car Sales TrainingCoachingMarketingSpeaking
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