12 minutes | Apr 7, 2020

How trust sells cars in a crisis with Gregg Potts

This week Gregg Potts from Krause Family Ford delivered a car to a customer's front door for the very first time.Did the whole deal start to finish, test drive to title without the customer setting foot into the dealership.The coronavirus lockdown is causing many dealerships to make significant changes in the way they do business, but what Gregg sees is opportunity."I could see this becoming a little niche," says Gregg on this episode of The Get Ya Some Radio show. "More common in the car business."With family and friends scattered across the south, Gregg now has the option of offering white, glove, personal service and delivery to customers no matter where they are and long after the corona virus is over"A key part of the whole deal is obviously they have to trust you."They have to trust you that the car is solid. The deal is fair. That no problem is going to pop up. Same as it ever was.Now, though, they also have to trust you to let you into their house or at least onto the front porch and you have to build that trust without ever meeting them in real life.If you or your team are doing more and more of the deals remotely with customers you've never met,If you suddenly find yourself working from home, by appointment only, or worse yet, furloughed at home, but not working at all.If you're ready to adapt for now and create massive opportunities for later...Text Terry to 33777I'm hosting 100% online training for automotive salespeople to help you make more money, sell more cars, and have more fun working from home (in your underwear) Share0 Tweet0 Share0 TrainingCoachingMarketingSpeaking
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